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Certified at FSC

Wood that occurs in fabric hammocks with wooden sticks is FSC Certified. Wooden frame is FSC Certified. Hammock chairs in fabric with wooden log is FSC Certified. For example, when you buy FSC branded products, the tree can be traced back to the forest the tree has grown in. In an FSC forest, wood is no longer than the forest can now reproduce itself. So FSC is a guarantee of sound consideration. FSC is a global non-profit labeling scheme for wood.

Tropical hammocks have more than 20 years experience in the production of hammocks. This is an important signal of sustainability, and this is reaffirmed here, in the form of choice of material for the manufacture of hammocks, stands and hammock chair where wood is included.

Tropical Hammocks is also aware of the responsibility with the cooperation contacts in Latin America on fair pay, working conditions, environment and quality control. Tropical hammocks choose materials and working conditions based on ethical trade. Fair Trade principles always in focus.


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