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Mexican blankets & Crafts

Colorful Mexican blankets for parties, excursions, bedspreads, exhibitions, tablecloths and Mexican restaurants. Mexican blankets in a wide variety. Many of the Mexican blankets also comes as fabric hammocks. The fabric products are woven different when used as a hammock. The colorful Mexican blankets has become very popular as beach blankets. With a Poncho and a Sombrero you are dressed up for any Mexican party.

Brasilazy Bean Bag Black
Item no. BZY90

Brasilazy Bean Bag Black

29 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
Black Brasilazy bean chair. No. BZY90
Brasilazy bean bag chair -- the most comfortable lounge and recreation furniture.
Product Specifics:
Size: 140 x 180 cm
Filling of the real KROYER balls
Color: Black
Brasilazy is an outstanding quality bean bag chair.
The best quality in bean bag chairs.
425,00  EUR
Sombrero - Different color variants.
Item no. 130

Sombrero - Different color variants.

50 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
An original Mexican sombrero - spectacular and decorative for any Mexican party! Who can resist a photo opportunity with a well-placed sombrero?! Different color variants. Charro Sombrero: Gold and silver threads create patterns on the hat. Beautiful and special decoration for the wall.
95,00  EUR
Comfort luxury hammock no. 6 XX-Large. Mexican Style
Item no. 6

Comfort luxury hammock no. 6 XX-Large. Mexican Style

99 (Shipping within 1-2 days)
Comfort and luxury hammock no. 6 XX-Large. For those who enjoy life from a hammock. You can lie both horizontal, across and diagonally in the hammock.

The hammock is hand woven in a simple and easy way, and when you lie in the hammock, the hammock shapes after your body. Flexible when it cannot get better. You lie incredible well. Family hammocks and this big and width model is always among the most popular.

Mexican hammock. Unique idea for a gift – flexible hammock from Mexico in net.
Maya hammocks from Yucatan in Mexico.
138,0099,00  EUR
Big Mexican plaids. No. 110
Item no. 110

Big Mexican plaids. No. 110

200 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
The Mexican plaids are well known at any Mexican restaurant. Use the plaids as a table cloth, cupboard curtain, wall decoration, picnic plaid, beach towel, and as a sofa plaid. Size 160 x 210 cm.
75,0069,00  EUR
Colorful Mexican plaids in summer and happy colors.
Item no. DSC00961-rojo

Colorful Mexican plaids in summer and happy colors.

100 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
Mexican blanket in the original colorful reddish shades.
Charming colorful fabric with red as a base color in a Mexican plaid.
- Soft and nice sofa plaid
- Festive bedspread
- Great as a table cloth for a Mexican party
- 1.60 x 2.10 meters
- Handcrafted in Mexico
- A unique plaid with many options
A plaid in happy colors from Mexico. Size 160 x 220 cm.
65,0055,00  EUR
Colorful Mexican plaid. No. DSC00958-Blue
Item no. DSC00958-blue

Colorful Mexican plaid. No. DSC00958-Blue

98 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
Charming colorful fabric. Fresh and happy colors for interior and as handicraft. Classic Mexican plaids in colorful shades with blue as base color.
59,00  EUR
Colorful Mexican plaids in summer colors. No. DSC00951-yellow oro.
Item no. DSC00951-gul-oro

Colorful Mexican plaids in summer colors. No. DSC00951-yellow oro.

20 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
Mexican plaids in sun colors in a classic Mexican style. The Mexican plaids are a very useful handicrafts.
59,00  EUR
Mexico plaid in Pink and Mexican style - Super Quality
Item no. 160Pink

Mexico plaid in Pink and Mexican style - Super Quality

19 (Shipping within 1-5 days)
Super quality rug from Mexico in Pink bottom color
75,00  EUR
Item no. 118


15 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
The completely authentic poncho from Mexico, festive and is doing very well as soon as party and the like. must signal and radiate Mexican charm and atmosphere. Sleek and comfortable. 100 x 210 cm.
75,00  EUR
Mexican Sink. No. 760
Item no. 760

Mexican Sink. No. 760

15 (Shipping within 1-5 days)
Mexican Sink. No. 760
Sink - Mexican handicraft at its best.
Ceramic clay.
Handicraft from Mexico
Handmade oval Mexican sinks.
Many different designs.
Oval size: 45 x 36 cm, +/- 0.5 cm as they are handmade.
A unique handicraft.

Describe the pattern and sink you wish to order.
You are welcome to call +4522156509 for more information.
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