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Mexican Sombrero

The well-known beautiful Mexican hat - Sombrero. A sombrero is beautiful and decorative for any Mexican restaurant. Many people collect sombreros and wearing a sombrero will make for great pictures at the next Mexican party you attend. Looking for a hammock instead? We have them all right here. Mexican Sombrero
Sombrero - Different color variants.
Item no. 130

Sombrero - Different color variants.

50 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
An original Mexican sombrero - spectacular and decorative for any Mexican party! Who can resist a photo opportunity with a well-placed sombrero?! Different color variants. Charro Sombrero: Gold and silver threads create patterns on the hat. Beautiful and special decoration for the wall.
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Sombrero guld
Item no. 132

Sombrero guld

20 (Shipping within 2-4 days)
Mexican SOMBRERO GULD for party and exhibition
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Mexican Sink. No. 760
Item no. 760

Mexican Sink. No. 760

15 (Shipping within 1-5 days)
Mexican Sink. No. 760
Sink - Mexican handicraft at its best.
Ceramic clay.
Handicraft from Mexico
Handmade oval Mexican sinks.
Many different designs.
Oval size: 45 x 36 cm, +/- 0.5 cm as they are handmade.
A unique handicraft.

Describe the pattern and sink you wish to order.
You are welcome to call +4522156509 for more information.
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