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King Size DeLuxe Hammock G8


Item no. G8-Natural
A lifestyle hammock. Our most popular! G8 hammock is hand-woven from extra durable cotton net and especially designed for and available ONLY from Tropical Hammocks.
Hammock of Durable Cotton net from Mexico. For wellness and total relaxation, suitable for adult and child. King Size Deluxe Hammock No. G8 good for leisure.

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    Product Description
    Bring the vacation home! A luxurious hammock handmade by Mexican craftsmen offers a comfortable, fun, and cozy space for everyone in the family. Relax surrounded by comfortablecotton thread and supported by a sturdy nylon structure. Hammocks have proven to enhance relaxation, enjoyment, and well-being, and this will soon become your family’s favorite place in the home.

    Search no more! We carry the finest quality Mexican hammocks.

    Product Specifics:
    A total length of about 4.1 meters, space to lie crosswise, lengthwise and diagonally. Great for everybody in the family - a hammock that both adults and children can enjoy! Most people prefer to lie diagonally for optimum comfort, and kids enjoy having lots of room for tumbling and crawling. Elastic and flexible in width - the greater the width, the more flexibility of the hammock.
    Carrying capacity: 300 kg

    Material: Hammock's arms are nylon.
    The body of the hammock, where you lie in the middle of the hammock, is made of cotton.

    Mexico Hammock for play and enjoyment.
    Hammock for enjoyment and pleasure for everyone in the family. A delicious creative furniture that also provides a personal interior design. The most sought after unique hammock!

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