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Item no. 50-kovs
2 pieces of kovs. Reinforcement of eyes in the hammock - avoid friction if you use iron directly in the hammock eye, eg. hook or karabin .
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Product Description
If you put a nylon or metal cuff in the end of the eyelash, it does not break, and the hammock has a longer life.
If there is no jaw in the end line eye, and there is no fixed knot as a flag knot, the hammock can be broken quickly or by the violent swing after a few hours / days.

However, keep in mind that you tie a flip flop of electricity. pile stick, do not use a kovs. Then there's a scratch and metal, hook-up files that do not know the end of the eye.
A kovs in the suspension strings protects against fiction cabins, so do not thread files over by incorrect setup.
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2 pieces Spring for hammock

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Hammock in net size small. No.2
Item no. 2

Hammock in net size small. No.2

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Hammock no 2 size small. Net hammock, the original from Mexico in fine hand woven cotton net. Max 1 person. There is room for laying horizontal and diagonally. Small Mexican hammock. Suitable for bringing on any trip and for sunbathing. Smart little hammock. Fun hammock from Mexico, smaller size.
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Deco Park hammock with speader bars - NICA double hammock. No. 22
Item no. 22

Deco Park hammock with speader bars - NICA double hammock. No. 22

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Nicaraguan hammock comes in the following colors: off-white, two-colored and color combinations.
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Small and Medium size hammock from Mexico in fine cotton net. No. 3
Item no. 3

Small and Medium size hammock from Mexico in fine cotton net. No. 3

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With room for one to two persons, this hammock takes up little space, making it easy to bring along on
trips. Relax and enjoy the sun!
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