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Mexican hammock Blue & Blue Mercerized Standard for outside use.

 Mexican hammock Blue & Blue Mercerized Standard for outside use.

Item no. M4OS6690-BLUE
Hammock Blue & Blue Mercerized Standard. It is ideal for one person. Lightweight, it is easy to hang and pack. Perfect for exteriors.
A very strong, comfortable and resistant hammock.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Hammock width: 1.5 Mt.
Hammock length: 2 Mt.
Hammock total length: 4 Mt.
Hanging distance: 4 Mt.
Supports: 200 Kg.
 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
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Product Description
Original Mexican net hammock woven using the mayan technique, flexible with comfort where the hammock conforms to your shape. Lie lengthwise, crosswise, or diagonally, suitable for 1 to 3
persons. The cotton is coated, and water resistant. The hammock is suitable for use in the garden.

The family hammock for outdoor life. Incredibly durable Mexican hammocks, suitably strong for outside use.

Hammock from Mexico
Hammocks shop in Danish
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