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Mexican Hammock Chair X-Large 100% Nylon

Mexican Hammock Chair  X-Large 100% Nylon
Item no. 43-XL
Hammock chair X-Large. 100% Nylon.
Off white or in a mix of colors.
Hammock chair X-Large. No. 43-XL
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Product Description
X-Large flexible laying area, so you can actually lay totally stretched out.
Popular hammock chair among adults and children.
Mexican hammock chair in net.

Beautiful hammocks Chair here.
Hammock chair in net.
Cross stick is 105 cm
Flexible laying area in the net - more than 210 cm
Materiale: 100% nylon
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Multicolored hammock chair in net. No. 43MX-ANA

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Multicolored hammock chair in net. No. 43MX-ANA

Mexican HammockChair
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Large, coated cotton Mexican net hammock. No. C6
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Large, coated cotton Mexican net hammock. No. C6

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The unique weave technique means that the hammock that conforms to your shape to offer unparalleled comfort and relaxation. You feel as if you are floating on air -- unbeatable comfort!
The original Mexican hammock is hand woven using exceptionally fine quality cotton. This particular hammock is exceptionally suited to stand up to the outdoor Danish weather, which can change constantly and see frequent periods of rain. It is water resistant, and therefore perfect for Danish outdoor life.
With its optimal comfort, durability, and supreme flexibility, your dreams can easily wander to warmer climates.
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Hammock chair Guatemalamix.
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Hammock chair Guatemalamix.

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A beautiful, comfortable and elegant hammock chair for the living room and garden. In great color combinations, which have been carefully selected and improved.
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Swing-hook Swivel Carabin
Item no. GSK139

Swing-hook Swivel Carabin

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Swing hook, Swivel and Carabin set.
Suitable for hammock chair that should be able to rotate.
Tips and ideas for setting up a hammock chair.
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