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Mexican medium nylon hammock

Mexican medium nylon hammock
Item no. N3
Mexican nylon hammock for outdoor use, swimming pool etc. and then it can withstand hanging out.
total length 3.7 m
100% nylon
Nylon hammocks are widely used in climates with heavy rain.
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Product Description
Woven in the same way as the regular cotton hammocks, the material is just nylon.
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Rope for hammock suspension. No. 50
Item no. 50

Rope for hammock suspension. No. 50

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Rope 2 x 3 meters woven with polyester core. Simple hammock accessory. Take a closer look at the photo and twist the rope twice around a tree, and make a flag knot between the hammock and the tree. This is the most easy and practical solution for the suspension of a hammock.
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Karabin and kovs
Item no. 51-KK

Karabin and kovs

95  (shipping 1-3 days)
2 karabin and 2 pcs kovs.
Convenient way to mount hammock. Use kovs in the hammock's eyes to prevent friction in the suspension eyes.
12,00 EUR
Hammock in 100% nylon woven with Thick Cord. K12
Item no. M24PS

Hammock in 100% nylon woven with Thick Cord. K12

144  (shipping 1-3 days)
Extra large cable thread net hammock in original Mexican style. Hammock produced from an extra thick nylon thread, commonly called cable thread in 100% nylon.

Extra big and a strong Thick Cord variety of the original Mexican hammock. Comes in many color combinations. Mix of colors, 2-colored as shown on the photo and natural white. The hammock is robust and good for playing, having fun and tumbling. Many options for using in the garden, by the swimming pool, playground or simply also for the one who do not like the very thin net hammocks.
179,00 EUR
Mexican hammock medium size, Coated – weather proof. No. C3
Item no. C3

Mexican hammock medium size, Coated – weather proof. No. C3

189  (shipping 1-3 days)
Original Mexican net hammock. Lie horizontal and diagonally, suitable for 1 to 2 persons. The cotton is coated so it is water resistant.

The coated Mexican hammocks are in a especially good quality. The materials, which are being
used and as well as the weavers of the hammocks, does that these hammocks are unique.
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