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Original Mexican Hammock King Size Special XXXL Color Mix

Original Mexican Hammock King Size Special XXXL Color Mix
Summer things - you just have to ownMexico hammock 7 XXXL Cotton
Item no. 7mix
Here you get a nice big hammock. Good to relax in and if you want to spend the night in a hammock, choose this one.

Super Special King Size Mexican hammock

It has both comfort a real size to sleep amazingly in.

Weaving hammocks in Mexico is manufactured on large hand woven fabrics.
Material is cotton in the area you are lying. Carrying nails are made of nylon.
 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
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Product Description
You almost float in the air when you lie in this type of hammock. The hammock is constantly resembling where you lie in the hammock - it gives comfort.
If you have special wishes for the colors, you can write it in note when filling in the address. You are currently looking at a fantastic Mexican net hammock that is very comfortable to lie in. Buy - you will be really fond of it. Must be tried! Unique Mexico hammock.

Mexican hammock - XXX-Large. Large smooth net. Exceptionally generous width. Optimal comfort.
Hammock for hours of relaxing,
The favorite of people in Yucatan, Mexico, this is the customary sleeping hammock of the area.
In Scandinavia this furniture is surprising and memorable for the relaxation that if offers.
A hammock is a creative gift idea! Mexican hammock - XXX-Large. Big smooth net. Especially generous width. Optimal comfort.
Hammock for relaxation. Very comfortable and smooth hammock. Hammocks in exclusive handmade quality.
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Rope for hammock suspension. No. 50

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Rope 2 x 3 meters woven with polyester core. Simple hammock accessory. Take a closer look at the photo and twist the rope twice around a tree, and make a flag knot between the hammock and the tree. This is the most easy and practical solution for the suspension of a hammock.
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Raincoat for hammock
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Made in PVC - same as a raincoat.
Pull the hammock raincoat over the hammock from one end to the other before setting up the hammock. When the hammock is not used, the raincoat is pulled over the hammock and protects it from wind and rain. A unique accessory product for the hammock that extends the hammock's lifetime.
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