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Small and Medium size hammock from Mexico in fine cotton net. No. 3

Small and Medium size hammock from Mexico in fine cotton net. No. 3

Item no. MEX3
Medium size hammock (no 3)
With room for one to two persons, this hammock takes up little space, making it easy to bring along on
trips. Relax and enjoy the sun!
 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
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Product Description
Mexican hammocks for one or maybe two persons. Flexible cotton net. The real Mayan hammocks!
Economical Mexican hammocks in cotton or nylon netting.

Product Specifics:
The hammock is constructed of 80% cotton, with 20% nylon reinforced end cords for maximum durability -the ideal combination. The soft cotton body of this hammock shapes comfortably around you and allows you to lie horizontally or diagonally. Kids can lie crosswise in the hammock.
This is woven in “SPANG” technique, using fine cotton thread. The hammock is a roomy cotton net, woven without the use of knots and making it very elastic in width. Exact measurements vary, but the length is approximately 3,7 meters. The hammock is hand woven.

Carrying capacity: 200 kg
The weave and braid technique is a cord in fine cotton thread. The hammock is a large cotton net that is woven into each other without knots. The hammock is thus elastic in width, and it also means that you can not measure up to a width, but the length is approx. 3.7 m. The hammock is hand-woven.
Carrying capacity: 200 kg
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