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Double hammock in 100% cotton for kids play and fun time. Relax Double Hammock

Double hammock in 100% cotton for kids play and fun time. Relax Double Hammock

Item no. Fm542
Quality hammock and a nice double hammock in 100% cotton. Durable fabric hammock made especially for the play and fun time in kinder garden and at home.
Hammock made from a strong and durable fabric for kids playing.
 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
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Product Description
The hammock is a real family hammock that can withstand very much the swing and play.

The hammock is perfect for relaxing for one or two people.

Made in Formosa Style, which makes the hammock strong in exposed places when playing and enjoying fun in the hammock.

Product Specifics:
Fabric hammock in bright striped color combinations, of a durable quality with strong sewing.
Great hammock for relaxing and playing.
The hammock can be used in many institutions and for private homes with several kids and their friends.
Laying area: 2.30 x 1.70m.
Total length: 4 m
* hammock for institutions
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Maresia Croche Hammock
Item no. 85005

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Beautiful, elegantly crafted hammock, made extra of the many fine details - a romantic fabric hammock, with nice, charming decorations. Delightful soft quality in cotton.
Total 4,1 meter, cotton 168 x 250 cm
Makramee gives a beauty look to the hammock. Makramee also provides unik weight distribution between carry cords and fabric. Makramee improves the smoothness of the hammock and provides unik comfort.
Colour Natural white
Material 100% New High Quality Cotton
175,00146,00 EUR


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