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Hammock of durable fabric, striped red Mexico design. No. FG487

Hammock of durable fabric, striped red Mexico design. No. FG487
Design Kaj EllegaardMexico vacation
Item no. FG487
Fabric hammock in red Mexico look. For fun, playing and relaxing.
Mexican red striped fabric hammock for play and fun, institution uses, or the kids room. Great colorful hammock for a gift or to surprise someone. A real dream of a hammock.
Wellness hammock for the adult and an imaginative playing universe for the kids. Enjoy it by ordering the hammock right here online and you will receive within 1-3 days.
Great laying area in the hammock. It is roomy.
 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
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Product Description
Product Specifics:
Laying area: 2,70 x 1,70 cm
Total length: 4,3 cm
Material: 100% new cotton
Mexican red striped hammock with strong stitches.

Kids love to swing in the hammock - something special they will remember when grown up.
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