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Hammock chair in blue nuance fabric

Hammock chair in blue nuance fabric
Item no. DVT540
HammockChair in strong blue striped cotton fabric. Beautiful and colorful hammock chair.
Spacious and extremely comfortable. FSC approved wood. Load capacity over 200 kg.
 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
89,95  EUR
Product Description
A unique and dreamy hanger chair in quality materials.
A hammock chair that's great to sit in.
Comfortable soft quality cotton fabric.
Fabric area 1.20 x 1.70 meters with nice strong finish.
FSC approved wood,
1.10 meter spreaderbar
Load capacity 200 kg.
100% new cotton fabric.
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Swing-hook Swivel Carabin

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Swing hook, Swivel and Carabin set.
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Quality Swivl in stainless steel

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Carabiner hooks. No. 51-K
Item no. 51-K

Carabiner hooks. No. 51-K

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Carabiner hooks. No. 51-K

The hooks are big so you can use them for any hammocks You can choose to put KOVS in the eye of the
hook, so you avoid wear and tear in the eye.
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Big carabiner as accessories for hammocks.
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