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Formosa light striped fabric hammock in cotton

Formosa light striped fabric hammock in cotton

Item no. Fm222
Super good hammock for play and relaxation.
So delicious spring fresh stripes. Strong fabric
Lying area 2.30 x 1.65 m Overall length 3.80 m
Good for the price. Fm222 Formosa
 (Shipping within 1-4 days)
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Product Description
Cozy Formosa hammock to the garden, side, lay or relax. Or meet the dream of a unique gift.
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Rope for hammock suspension. No. 50

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Rope 2 x 3 meters woven with polyester core. Simple hammock accessory. Take a closer look at the photo and twist the rope twice around a tree, and make a flag knot between the hammock and the tree. This is the most easy and practical solution for the suspension of a hammock.
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69,0039,00 EUR


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