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Thick Cord Nylon hammock from Mexico. 2kg Basic.

Thick Cord Nylon hammock from Mexico.  2kg Basic.
Item no. K10
The Basic Thick Cord Hammock.
Hammock made of Thick Cord in 100% nylon # K10 2 kg Basic.

Robust playground hammock and public places.

 (Shipping within 1-3 days)
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    Product Description
    Thick Cord variant of the origanle Mexican hammock. Available in nylon and cotton and many color combinations.

    Should the hammock hang out a lot? Or where it often gets wet.
    So, a nylon hammock is preferable.

    Choose color between:
    Combination of 2 colors, eg. Natural white with wine red
    Natural white
    If you have any wishes for the colors then write in the notepad your wishes, after the address is filled with the order.
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