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Fabric hammock in Remanso style MetteLine

Fabric hammock in Remanso style MetteLine

Item no. R349
Hammock design with the nicest details throughout the hammock. Note the beautiful handwoven cords at the end of the fabric in the hammock.
Beautiful and nice hammock, in a unik fabric designed. The Remanso hammock with a total length of 390 cm. Laying area is 230 x 165 cm.
Materiale 100% new cotton. Soft and strong with high color intensitet.
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Product Description
Product Specifics:
Laying area is 230 x 165 cm
total length of 390 cm
Made in Brazil
Carrying capacity: 280 kg
Material: 100% new cotton

Fantastic Remanso hammock in 100 % cotton.

Buy the MetteLine hammock produced with passion, heart and soul.
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Item no. 50-kovs


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2 pieces of kovs. Reinforcement of eyes in the hammock - avoid friction if you use iron directly in the hammock eye, eg. hook or karabin .
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Hammock of durable fabric, striped red Mexico design. No. FG487
Item no. FG487

Hammock of durable fabric, striped red Mexico design. No. FG487

99  (shipping 1-3 days)
Fabric hammock in red Mexico look. For fun, playing and relaxing.
Mexican red striped fabric hammock for play and fun, institution uses, or the kids room. Great colorful hammock for a gift or to surprise someone. A real dream of a hammock.
Wellness hammock for the adult and an imaginative playing universe for the kids. Enjoy it by ordering the hammock right here online and you will receive within 1-3 days.
Great laying area in the hammock. It is roomy.
159,00125,00 EUR
Salsa hammocks. No. 407
Item no. R461.0r

Salsa hammocks. No. 407

110  (shipping 1-3 days)
The Brazilian SALSA hammock comes in brilliant squared and warm golden colors for great comfortable relaxing. It is warm and cozy. The hammock appears as a big blanket, suitable for the cooler places.

Glamorous and beautiful decorated classical cotton fabric hammock from Brazil, pure enjoyment and well-being.
145,0085,00 EUR


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