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At hammocks.shop you will find the Europe's largest selection of original luxury hammocks for the garden and other places. ✓ High Quality ✓ Handwoven ✓ Handicrafts ✓ Cheap ✓ Nice Look.

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Here you will find a wide range of luxury hammocks made in Mexico, Nicaragua and Brazil. Everything from the cheapest to the very exclusive version. They can be used in the garden, on the beach, freestanding or hanging indoors or outdoors. In our webshop we have decorative hammocks with borders on each side, hammocks for the whole family and cozy hammock chairs that can hung indoors and outdoors.

Check it out and buy the hammock that you've always dreamed about - we'll ship it immediately. Stay tuned on the shop for the good deals and discounted items that are on sale!

So enjoy the moment and dream about the most beautiful places while you're in the perfect position!

The Mexican hammocks are made in a nice and flexible net, where you can lay down both diagonally and crosswise and of course also alongside. They are wide and flexible in width and provide optimal comfort. When they have wooden spreader bars, they become very inviting and that gives the hammock a more decorative and extensive look. Hammocks and popular hammock chairs from Brazil in fabric are available in many lovely colors and varieties - both small and large, with and without wooden spreader bars.

The Hammocks can be used for different purposes - everything from overnight trips to professional motoring training. For children and babies there are many types of hammocks - a good tip for you: important that they are wide so that they can play without falling out. If you have special wishes, it is important that you choose the right category.

A hammock is also a good gift idea. In our webshop you will always find a great deal! Follow us on G+
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Featured products
Mexico Hammock in Fabric in single plus size+
Item no. C487

Mexico Hammock in Fabric in single plus size+

64,0054,00 EUR
Nice look fabric hammock
Item no. MF106

Nice look fabric hammock

66,0055,00 EUR
Samba Rainbow hammocks. No 405 R204r Remanso
Item no. R204.0r

Samba Rainbow hammocks. No 405 R204r Remanso

89,0072,00 EUR
Item no. G8

King Size DeLuxe Hammock G8

169,00129,00 EUR
Retro Fabric hammock. No. C145r
Item no. C145r

Retro Fabric hammock. No. C145r

70,0049,00 EUR
Family Hammock
Item no. 5

Family hammock X-large no. 5

99,0079,00 EUR
Artistic hammock - Remanso Guatemalamix
Item no. R542

Artistic hammock - Remanso Guatemalamix

115,0099,95 EUR
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